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Hi guys! This is a guide on how to find and get Emolga, the Fly/Electric type Pokemon in Pokemon Black an White.

Why I did this:

*Everywhere I look, people ask how to hell to find Emolga
*I found a faithful way to get Emolga in less than 30 minutes
*To advertise this simple and short method on how to find that rare little bugger!
*Emolga are the best shit ever, everyone wants them!

Part 1: What you will need:

*A moderate supply of super repels/repels
* Higher leveled Mon' to bash any Audino or other unwanted wild Mons' away.

Part 2: Which Route?

More than 97% of the time, people want to find Emolga on route 5 or 16, before they challenge the 4th gym. I don't recommend that you search there. Instead, start your hunt on route 6. On route 5/16, there is a tiny 10% chance of Emolga appearing, and a (bleep)'ing 90% chance of Audino appearing. Life sucks.
On route 6, however, there is a 20% chance of Emolga appearing. It's only 10% higher, but believe me, it makes a HUGE difference.

Part 3: The Team
It's important you pick a few good Mons' to bash shaking grass Pokemon you don't want, and a few for gently whittling down the HP of Emolga once it appears. For example, I will show you my team I use for Emolga hunting. I will also lable their uses when doing so:

Sugar Pie(Audino)- Basher

Lola-Chan(Lilligant)- Basher

Otis(Emolga)- Basher

Chester(Ducklett)- Whittler


Paramore(Duosion)- Both

My team is strong in both Basher and Whittler, so I'm off to show you how:

Part 4: Where?

I find the grass just outside Chargestone Cave amazing for Emolga hunts, and I recommend that you run back and forth the grassless area just before the steps leading up to Chargestone Cave.

Part 5: Method

Run back and forth the area before the steps of Chargestone Cave, like I mentioned above, until a patch of grass shakes. If it's on the edge and you can just walk on in and the battle begins, do so. If it's not on the edge, don't risk it. A Pokemon can appear any time before you reach the patch, and the shaking patch won't be there when you finish. Use one of your repels and walk into it for a guaranteed encounter. If it's an Audino, either bash it for exp or run away. If it's Leavanny, do the same.

If it's Emolga, congrats! Take out one of your whittlers and use some gentle attacks before throwing a Poke Ball at it. I caught Otis at full HP will a Timer Ball (WTF), but that was just luck. You can try a Quick Ball at the start, but ya'know, what works for you works for you.

Part 6: Credits


Part 7: For Teh Luls: How I caught Otis:

Me: Wah!!! I can't find that damn squirrel!
Lola: Um... Moy-Chan, look right in front of you...
Me: Woot! Shaking patch!
Sugar Pie: Have a nice time with one of my relatives!
Lola: Freaking pragmatist....
Chester: OMG look!
Sugar Pie & Lola: The heck....
Me: Emolga!!!!!!
Otis: No shit, Sherlock..
Me: Throws Timer ball* WEEE!!!
Sugar: She is so dumb! It's a Timer Ball, and the thing is full HP
Otis: Goes into ball* (EL OH EL)
Me: Yus!!!
Sugar Pie: I hate being proved wrong....

How to catch and find Emolga on PKMN BW!
Cos everyone complains to me that they can't find them.

P.S: I'm breeding Emolga eggs for the publics!!!! I haven't got my FC yet, but I will let you who are interested know when I do!
OmegaChrome Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wonder if this works in Black2 . _ .
Wishiex3 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2011
Psssh, nevermind. A few mins after I posted this ...
*see's shaking grass*
Me: I swear if it's another Audino..=.=
"A wild Emolga appeared!"
*uses ultra ball*
"Gotcha! Emolga was caught!"

Wishiex3 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2011
Thanks! I already got one but I cheated and traded the boldore for it. =w=
Unfortunately Audino and Levanny were the only ones coming up, I'll keep trying though :)
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